Florence Senior Community Center


We’re proud that we’ve been able to keep our Senior Center doors open through thick-and-thin for 30 years. Our meals programs have contributed immeasurably to the health and well-being of thousands of people over the years. Countless lasting friendships have been formed at our Center and innumerable lonely hours were completely avoided because our Center has always been a place where seniors can come and find warmth and companionship.

We’re proud of the number of volunteer hours our members contribute to their Center and the community. Our members volunteer an average of 300 hours per week (300 x 52 = 15,600/hours per year). Without this hearty volunteer spirit, the Center would not run as smoothly and efficiently as it does.

Recently we’ve had reason to be proud of the renovations we’re made to the Center. Visitors who have not been to the Center in years comment on the wonderful improvements we have made.

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In 2011, we installed a handicapped bathroom, which is very much appreciated by our wheelchair-bound members and guests. We have the Daniels Fund to thank for helping us with this project!

Our doors are open to everyone. You don’t have to be a member ~ or even a senior ~ to enjoy our many programs.

All persons in our community and surrounding areas are welcome to all our programs. Our oldest member is 95 years old! There’s something here for every age group.

The Florence Senior Center mainly serves the seniors of Florence, Colorado, but we have several members who come from Pueblo, Pueblo West, Penrose, Canon City, Coal Creek, Williamsburg and Cotopaxi.

At the present time we have 121 voting members. Our Center is also used by the families, friends and neighbors of our members who come to enjoy the programs with us. Senior newcomers to our town make friends quickly by joining our group. In addition, family members who live at great distances from our seniors benefit from knowing that their elderly loved ones have a local senior community that can help alleviate the loneliness which come with growing old and living apart.

This wide-spread, diversified use of this building enlarges the population we serve to hundreds of people of all ages every month who benefit from our activities and facility. Please see our attached spreadsheet “Program Participation at the Florence Senior Center”. It clearly lists our many programs and the average number of participants at each one. The total number of participants at all our programs is about 23,500 per year.

A non-profit organization
of wonderful people over 50
serving seniors (and not-yet-seniors)
of Florence, Colorado
and surrounding communities
since 1979.

Please Note: Our organization changed its name on May 1, 2011
from Florence Senior Citizen Council on Aging
to Florence Senior Community Center
in order convey our committment to the community

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